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  Health Case:
 Acid reflux
Khun Thanat (Thanat Thonglert) operates a housing company. And is a person who is hard to eat and drink for many consecutive years. Causes acid reflux. Which find both the current doctor And eat traditional medicine for 1 year. Until the doctor arranged the camera to see the internal system. Which is the period when Maqui Plus launched. So decided to buy Maqui Plus to eat 1 Duo. And eating rice did not start to improve, therefore drinking Maqui Plus continuously. Tight colic has disappeared. Until not having to go to the camera, therefore drinking Maqui Plus in the morning 50 ml in the evening 50 ml continuously until now. And more with the latest LifeSential Collagen Matrix when the M-EX launches. The result is based on the image you see. Do not overlook health problems. Care with Duo LifeSential Maqui Plus.
1-2 days, first feeling that it is fresh to sleep.
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