Allergy,General Health Pains (Master Meeaom)
Myasthenia Gravis (Khun Nok)
Blood Pressure,Cardiovascular (Khun Prakong Pupok)
Allergy,Sleep (Khun Wongdien)
Cancer (Khun Siriporn Klinlokai)
Liver (Khun K)
Pregnancy (Khun Gaee)
Cancer (Khun Samarn)
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  Health Case:
 Allergy  Asthma
The guitarist has a disease, allergy, suffocation, runny nose every morning, wake up or any time. Night time to sleep is not easy breathing. To sit and breathe And there is no coughing ever. Last guitarist was
hospitalized at Rattarin Hospital on December 27, 2015 during the 04.30 hr he had no respiratory symptoms (suffocation started), it was alone with 2 children, the car was not. are I do not know yet Call the rescue. Let's help bring him to the hospital immediately. It reminded me of Mari Plus that Ann had recommended. I bought it for children to drink, until the symptoms, suffocation, allergies, runny nose, do not breathe better so that you can feel that my mother is sleeping very well. I'm very open minded until today, my guitar brother looks very bright. Do not spray anymore. Thank you, Maqui Plus for giving us the love we love. Maqui Plus drink really well.
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