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 Allergy  Excretory System/ Poo
Since Master Smile & Master Sky drank Maqui Plus each 5 cc. In the morning and evening. Children are healthy and strong. Not a simple cold With increased body immunity. Not infected with respiratory diseases from friends observed from.
1. The child is cheerful, cheerful, bright, smiling.
2. Children never get sick To the hospital
3. Good excretion Baby taken daily Never have constipation
4. Symptoms of colds, runny nose, allergies that the child used to be, it decreased.
5. Children often dry mouth, flaky, because they do not know, the school can drink a lot of water? But now the mouth is soft and moist
6. The baby is wound, healed quickly, the wound is dry, not inflamed.
7. The child has a lot of energy, not tired, can play all day. Tireless (Do you know this?)
That can feel that Maqui Plus is really good at the school where the children are studying. There are children with hand, foot and mouth disease, with the spread of the disease in the classroom. Many friends Small children are poor, have fever, sore mouth, and can't eat anything, have to go to the hospital to give salt water. There are many ulcers in the mouth, blisters on the hands and feet. But Master Smile & Master Sky does not infect this disease at all. (Master Sky is not strong, no symptoms, no fever, no mouth ulcers, but also fun. Playing naughty, happy at school. Order to stop To clean both the Royal Thai Navy) (Master Smile is sitting next to a friend who has a hand, foot and mouth disease. It is a close friend playing together. The day that the school is ordered to stop. That night, Master Smile has a fever. Wipe the fever down. But without ulcers in the mouth There is no blister on the hands of the feet. Mother Nong thoroughly examines the baby's body, gives antipyretic drugs, wipes himself up when he wakes up early in the morning, reduces fever, refreshes. Play all day and there are no symptoms. My mother thought that Master Smile was able to get this disease. But the body has immunity Therefore can resist ..... the best). Love Maqui Plus, Maqui Plus Food Supplement, Berry ..
Cr. Wasana Suwantong
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