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 Allergy  General Health Pains
Hello Tasanee name (mother's brother Namo) would like to share the experience. Private about his son at about four months younger than me even more. Health problems related to allergies. (Doctors say that children are more vulnerable to allergies. Do not eat cow Need breast milk or a milk must not contain cow's milk protein not) sleep at night I will breathe as abundantly gently (as he labored breathing very poor), and like a red rash on the cheeks, the two sides sometimes. rash was more thin legs, arms are brought to the doctor (hospital organizations) do not Ceaidikgn is missing some of you, it is recommended to practice it out loud, it's going to have a prickly heat rash is not the disaster it ... well, let her. Motion Plus do you see Wikipedia (because we had to pay for the medical expenses he frequently. I think that it is not damaged as a product of Unilever. We also used a lot) After reviewing only. One bottle ... I have improved as a rash on the cheek and fell. Loud crackles Then it was time to sleep Improved steadily Today, younger than 1 year old with no symptoms, rash again. Breathe easy and healthy younger healthy Youth development is very good. Thanks to the best products and quality of Unilever, very much. Invite your parents that you're having problems like us. Let us take a look at it because we have proven that we can improve.
Cr: Tasanee
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