General Health Pains,Menstruation (Khun Punyanuch Voranitipong )
Migraine (Khun Varaporn Srichatpiroon (Mam))
Skin (Khun Kornvarong Teeraphaprungruen)
Blood Pressure (Khun Sumo Sombat)
Thyroid (Grandmother Ke)
Blood problems,Menstruation,Skin (Khun Umphan Kamnerdkla)
Immune System (Khun Phaytai)
Menstruation,Pregnancy,Sleep (Khun Rung)
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  Health Case:
 Allergy  General Health Pains
When the weather changes, Master Meeaom will always have a runny nose. After drinking Maqui Plus for 12 ml per day for 1 week. Master Meeaom can eat more. Good mood, running, playing more fun. When the weather changes, there are fewer symptoms. "Very glad That does not require medication. Very bored with taking medicine Fortunately, there was a sinkhole with "Maqui Plus". Enough with taking medicine to school ". Many months ago Children's health Not as good as it should be. Catch the cold quite often Because I don't want my children to get worse Don't want to affect your child's education. But the consequences Taking medicine frequently Make the liver more sure. Immunity is not good. So he gave the child to drink "Maqui Plus". He decided to drink because he was confident in the product. Is not a fermented beverage, but a "cold extract" of Super Fruit. Children have always liked the taste. Returning from school if he has symptoms. He will know himself. Before brushing teeth, sleep. He will drink Maqui Plus himself. Get up early and drink again. His condition improves. Without having to carry drugs to school. Very happy with "Maqui Plus". Not only can you help with the health of Master Meeaom alone. Also take care of your children's health. Let's take care of the health of your loved ones. Because the liver is an important organ. Good health has a great effect on development.  Parents should pay attention for the future. Regardless of education And long-term health.  Of my children. In the past, our family's health was bad for the whole house. Our family found "Maqui Plus". It was great. Without having to trial and error anymore.
It was really worth what I got. The real experience that you want to share for those who are searching. What you think is truly the answer to you.
Cr. Nipaporn Srisakate & Lopburi
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