Diabetes (Khun Ongart Yodkaew)
Kidney (Khun Aom)
General Health Pains (Khun Jum Papa)
Jaundice,Liver,Rheumatoid (Khun Vallapa Somnuantard)
Chocolate cysts,Migraine (Khun Tu)
Vertigo (Khun Pla)
Allergy (Master Seagram)
Cholesterol, High Fat (Khun Wut)
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  Health Case:
 Allergy  Immune System
Personal experience. Rash and allergic sebaceous glands. Autoimmune.
Kan has been detected as an inflammatory fat. Autoimmune. The doctor said there is no cure. There will be swelling from eating hard. Insomnia is a lot of bruising under the skin around the arms and legs. Can't stop taking medicine Stop eating only one day. The black bruised skin gradually grows and the whole body suffers a lot. After accidentally met Maqui Plus from Facebook. Ensure that good products are safe. Because of Unilever's company. So decided to drink the first bottle. Feeling deep sleep, good excretion of menstruation from black, it is bright red, not menstrual cramps. After drinking all the bottles at 6 am very happy. All black marks disappear. Now I don't eat the drug anymore. Body swelling and inflammation, black marks Of fat under the skin is no longer Thanks to Maqui Plus for giving me a new life.
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