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  Health Case:
#Personal experience
# Is the blood spot and itching

Wow .. The good news is everyday
Congratulations to Khun Joy and Khun Maew.
Maew had blood spots. And had itching in the leg for about 2 years. Go to the doctor for treatment for 8 months. The doctor still cannot diagnose what caused it. The doctor treated according to symptoms, gave medicine to eat and apply. But still not recovered Blood tests, normal bleeding results, everything.
Until Khun Joy recommends Maew drinking Maqui Plus in the morning 50 ml. In the evening 50 ml. In just 3 days, the red spots fade and almost disappear And there is no more itching
Maew therefore ordered an additional 1 box of Maqui Plus for continuous health care.

Cr. Rattana Misari
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