Allergy (Master Seagram)
General Health Pains (Khun Uthai Busamrong)
Cyst (Khun Kun)
Kidney (Khun Nuna)
Kidney,Gout,Rheumatoid (พี่แต๋ม)
Menstruation (Khun Jum)
Kidney,Blood Pressure,Diabetes,Cholesterol, High Fat (Uncle Me)
Sleep,Locking fingers (Aunt Aied)
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  Health Case:
Kaew has severe allergies. Allergic to dust, air, even vinegar. She has asthma as well. Visiting the doctor becomes frequent. After Maqui Plus, various symptoms become lightened. She does not even need a jacket when going to Genting Highlands. Now she can make her own chilli paste without any allergic reaction. She just placed an order for two more bottles of Maqui Plus.
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