General Health Pains,Pregnancy (Khun Kae)
Respiratory,Sleep (Master Phumjai)
Gout (Khun Bank)
Liver,Migraine (Khun Jongrak Phuphangein)
Blood problems,Menstruation,Skin (Khun Umphan Kamnerdkla)
Blood problems,Blood Pressure (Khun Sontaya Chokesawat)
Allergy (Mr Arty)
Cholesterol, High Fat (Khun Yanikan Saeung)
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  Health Case:
#Allergy # Results from personal experience #Maqui #Maqui Plus
Teenage nephew has allergies ranging from small. Frequently sick to the hospital Therefore advised parents to let their children eat #Maqui Plus, which is the #Anti-anti-drink drink # Safe to eat Causing allergic symptoms better, not often sick, so have continued to eat continuously Now healthy Developing the right. Thank you. #UnileverNetwork With good products to help us
Cr. Ninja / Pla
#Charoenrat Family
# Good health can be forwarded
# Good things must be good.
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