General Health Pains (Khun Pui)
Cancer (Khun Kanokwun Jongpun)
Brain,Immune System,Migraine (Khun Or)
Paralysis,Brain (Khun Tik)
Fatigue,Liver,Gout (Khun Pongjan Pramasee)
Allergy (Khun Anchaleeluck)
Kidney,Diabetes (Khun Nueng)
Brain (Mother Kimlang)
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  Health Case:
Pacharanan have allergies and poor blood circulation. Menstrual disorders, usually rash on the body appears suddenly. She was very itchy just seven days to a relative's wedding. The doctor cannot heal her with the drugs prescribed. The symptoms did not disappear and looked like eczema. She tried Maqui Plus around 1-2 bottles. Her skin got clearer and she wore her beautiful dress on the wedding day. After another 3 bottles, she is totally clear and no scarring.
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