Blood problems,Brain,Thrombosis (Khun Au)
Brain (Khun Keerati)
Cardiovascular (Dr. Kanchit Singsuwan)
Pregnancy (Khun Saitong Nobnop)
Allergy,Asthma,Sleep (Khun Renu)
Blood problems,Gout (Khun Kib)
Diabetes (Khun Watchara Kanitthabutr)
Allergy (Khun La Piraya )
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  Health Case:
My son has serious allergies. At nights when he sleeps, he has very heavy breathing like blocked nose. In the mornings, when he wakes up he has runny nose.
We got worried that it will become chronic sinus. Luckily, I went to seminar on Maqui Plus+ and they say children eat daily 1 shot. Unbelievable! My little to drank for one week and all bad sleeping symptoms disappear. He wakes up with no mucus. Maqui Plus+ is fantastic. Thanks Unilever Network for this kind of product, we have good health.
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