Allergy,Skin (Venus Lee Ching Ching)
Liver (Khun Tuwan)
Blood Pressure (Khun Vitoon)
Heart,Blood Pressure,Diabetes (Mother Feuang)
Allergy (Khun Num)
Immune System (Khun Phaytai)
Kidney,Blood Pressure,Diabetes,Eye Problems,Thyroid,Gout,Parkinson's disease (Khun Ko)
Diabetes,General Health Pains (Khun Kampon)
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  Health Case:
Khun Yui is allergic. After receiving an annual health check. The result has a high level of food. There is very high blood lipids. Doctor to take medicine to reduce If not, it can result in a high pressure disease or a risk of heart disease, blood clots, but do not like to take medicine. Decided to try Maqui Plus. Drink Maqui Plus in the morning 50 ml in the evening 50 ml in just 1 month. Cholesterol reduced from 281 to 264 decreased. Allergy that has become harder and harder.
Cr. Khun Yui
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