Heart,Rheumatoid (Khun Pla)
Diabetes (Khun Gig Nabdeuan)
Blood Pressure,Diabetes,Sleep (Khun Viboon Tupnoi)
Allergy,Respiratory,Sleep,Obstructive sleep apnea (Khun Thitithat Nguankham)
Sleep,Excretory System/ Poo (Aunt Dao)
Cancer (Khun Kampon)
Allergy,Pregnancy (Teacher Noeng)
Pregnancy (๊Uncle Dang)
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  Health Case:
I exaggerated allergies After annual check-out with Corel Restaurant higher. Fat cells are very high. I eat pills If not, then the result will be. Hypertension, or high risk of cardiovascular disease, thrombosis, but I do not like taking pills exaggerated. Try to eat Maqui Plus Eat breakfast Maqui plus 2 cold shot 2 shot just 1 month Corel sterol reduced from 281 down to 264 allergens that had been heavily improved steadily.
Cr. Yui
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