Cancer (Khun Yui)
Pneumonia (Miss Taptim)
Diabetes (Khun Korkiet)
Diabetes,Fatty liver,Liver (Uncle Nuat)
General Health Pains (Khun Pui)
Brain,Eye Problems (Khum JK)
General Health Pains (Maqui+)
Cancer (Khun Pepe)
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  Health Case:
My mother, my father, the son, Mark V is a cold, allergies, chronic basis, it will be a long time until you can not go to school. You pay a tuition fee, but children have not learned yet. Because colds Patients continued Several times I was worried that I would give it to me if these patients. Not enough time to home country or a trip to Bangkok patient to hospital every time. She started eating Maki Plus I have just two weeks. Symptoms include snoring, breathing sputum gone sick less. From the time May it heal faster. This is going to school my brother Mark. Brother Mark ate Maqui Every day I
Cr. Wee
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