Pregnancy (Khun Oh)
Allergy,Asthma,Fatigue (Khun Nida Hathaithip)
Blood Pressure (Khun Vitoon)
Pregnancy (Khun Yim)
General Health Pains ( Madame Apple)
Vertigo (Khun Pubhet Watcharahiran)
Blood problems (Mr.Jaijai)
Jaundice,Liver,Rheumatoid (Khun Vallapa Somnuantard)
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  Health Case:
Miss Noodee started to develop rash and itch since the age of half. Currently, the age of 5. Was a traumatic wound in the limbs, eyes. It was difficult to treat at Khun Sakon Hospital and applied to the allergies. After that, according to the clinic, the child did not disappear. . Therefore go to treatment in Khon Kaen But still Can't apply powder. Cannot approach the pollen Try wrong, be careful, even food and milk and follow the appointment. But not recovered only during medication From then on again. The mother was a nurse, so decided to try Maqui Plus 25 ml in the morning, eating 1 bottle. Itching disappeared, the rash disappeared and the wound healed without pain. Thanks to Maqui Plus for giving new life to Miss Noodee.
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