Liver,Migraine,Sleep (Khun Wachara Chantaraj (Bank))
Rheumatoid (Khun Kanyavee Udomna)
Fatty liver (Khun Premruthai Crawong )
Fatigue (Khun U-bon)
influenza (Khun Kate)
Liver (Khun Paea)
Migraine,Sleep,Excretory System/ Poo (Khun Pen)
Menstruation (Khun Alew)
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Miss Khim, hotel staff in Nakhon Pathom. There are health problems, asthma, reflux, pancreas, fatigue. After drinking Maqui Plus for 3 months. Asthma requires spraying current medicine without spraying. Acid reflux cannot eat spicy food. . At present, it can be eaten. And most importantly, the pancreas is tired. It will feel exhausted, tired, easily tired. Now feel the body healthy. Freshen up, not tired, not stressed, good mood.
Thank you Maqui Plus a lot.
Cr. Khun U, Nakhon Pathom
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