Allergy,Asthma (Khun Toi)
Pregnancy (Khun Pimvarin)
Heart,Thyroid (Khun Poo)
Blood Pressure (Khun San Sathaporn)
Migraine (khun Kanitha Doungchun (Nid))
Immune System (Khun Ta)
Allergy,Excretory System/ Poo (Khun Koy)
Kidney (Khun Au)
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  Health Case:
 Asthma  Lung
Miss. Siriruk Chaiyapa, 38 years old, Buriram Province. Due to the occupation of selling grilled chicken, pork roast must inhale the smoke every day for 5 years. Although protected by the use of a closed nose cloth. Until being ill with chronic asthma pneumonia for a year. There are heavy symptoms, need to enter the hospital for 2 weeks and recuperate for another 2 months. Cannot work. Try supplements for many brands. Until a friend recommended to drink Maqui Plus after drinking 1 bottle of Maqui Plus for 10 days and LifeSential 10 days. Saying that is much better, refreshing, not tired, breathing full of lungs. Drink 1 month stronger, bright white skin with soft water. There are people who ask people about changes. Drinking for 2 months, 4 bottles, saying that it has disappeared and works. The skin is bright, the marks are black and the skin fades away. Weight up 2 kilograms. From the original weight of just 38 kilograms. Very happy and ordered to drink continuously by ordering the Auto Ship Maqui Pus. Really great.
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