Blood problems,Bone,Cholesterol, High Fat (Mother Boonyim )
Vertigo (Khun Pubhet Watcharahiran)
Blood Pressure (Khun Tui Kanit Boonma)
Blood Pressure (Khun Thanawat Rungswang)
Heart,Rheumatoid (Khun Pla)
Cholesterol, High Fat (Khun Patch)
Kidney,Blood Pressure (Khun Mix)
Cancer (Uncle Aung)
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Before drunk, my brother was a heavy asthma. I can not breathe until I have to spray on a regular basis. Often, school must be absent from schools for 2 days, 2 days, both money, time, health and waste. Parents are pity for their children. But there is no solution to the symptoms.
After drinking
A friend in Bangkok recommended Beyond Maqui Plus. At first, the mother did not believe that it would be better. So study the details before ensuring the younger brother to drink 1 evening 1 asthma disappeared. From the first month of drinking, do not spray anymore. Even though the weather is changing, my brother goes to school every day. A cheerful child, good health, mental health, good. Good results with the class.
Now enter the third month with a drink Maqui Plus. Thanks to Mari Plus, it's really a good night to give thanks to Unilever. Produced products that are Excellent quality Beyond Maqui Plus
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