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Blood Pressure (Khun San Sathaporn)
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Skin (Aunt Ket)
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Pregnancy (Khun Yim)
Fatty liver,Skin,Sleep,Cholesterol, High Fat (Khun Panas Khrwystaporn)
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  Health Case:
 Blood Pressure  Brain
Khun Sompid, sister to Khun To. Patients with liver cancer / hypotension / brain tumor. And aches and pains due to liver disease After starting to drink Maqui Plus. For health care on 14 May 2016, can drink less than a week.

- Normal blood pressure
- No more headache pain
-And from liver surgery to about 50% of all liver has a bloated stomach after surgery. There is water in the abdomen. Currently, the area is bloated. Almost flat as normal
- aches and pains in all parts of the body The symptoms went down a lot.
- Blood test results are very good.
- The blood test results are very good.
Thank you to Maqui Plus Unilever Network for the people I love.

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