Allergy,Eye Problems (Khun Prajak)
Vertigo,Migraine (Khun Tik Parranee)
General Health Pains,Sleep (Chief Executive of the PAO Mr. Wanchai Teerachayakul)
General Health Pains (Aunt Ta)
Blood Pressure,Diabetes (Uncle Khrun Kaewnok)
Blood problems,Brain,Thrombosis (Khun Au)
Cancer (Khun Kloy)
Heart,Blood Pressure,Diabetes (Mother Feuang)
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  Health Case:
 Blood Pressure  Diabetes
 Eye Problems  Fatty liver
Grandma Poon Dekthonglang, 68 years old. It is a fatty liver, diabetes, high pressure, tiredness, heart, pterygium, insomnia. Eat almost 10 pills per meal. So discouraged. On 3 July, Grandma drank Maqui Plus before breakfast and before. Sleep 50 ml at a time
Cr. Grandma Poon Dekthonglang
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