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  Health Case:
 Blood Pressure  Diabetes
79-year-old mother 81-year-old father with diabetes Thyroid gland, emphysema Peptic ulcer Cause of smoking alcohol since young. One day, driving a motorbike to the front of the house fell silent. Because legs are not strong. Can not walk After that day, it was morbid. Do not walk or do anything. I have a glass of water. Forced to eat a glass of water and before a glass of water to a bottle of water for about 3-4 days to drive a motorbike and then on October 3, 2017 to monitor the results. I was very happy to see the results of the examination is to reduce everything the doctor said normal and better all the mother after a faint, often in the morning to eat a glass of water, refreshing, strong, not tired, breathing on the stomach. Every morning very well excreted. Cool evening to ask for medicine to eat in the morning. It's easier than yummy thanks to Unilever. Love Maqui Plus very much.
Cr. Rampung Srivijarn
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