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On October 20, 2018. Mom Somphis has symptoms like having lymphatic flow inside the right cheek at all times. And felt stupid, having to wait for the face To relieve the burning sensation at all times. Dark skin. The doctor in charge of Mother Sompis said that. If it crosses the other side of the mother's face Even died. The mother is very skinny and can't eat at all. Especially the fish is very fishy. Lek advises Mae Sompit to drink Maqui Plus.
According to the research, 3 months, morning, afternoon, evening. 50 ml each time, in conjunction with doctor's care. Drank 6 bottles of Maqui Plus. Mother's condition has improved a lot. From dark skin, swollen face, dullness. Date 25 November 2018. Mother said that it felt a lot better. From the feeling that There is a lot of lymphatic flow on the face. Only one line left. Lost his face Eat delicious food, stink fishy smell. Normal pressure, eat all kinds of food. From before having to choose to eat. Because of fear of slang The whole skin is white and clear. The face disappeared. My mother told me to bring small Maqui Plus, give it an additional 6 bottles. Today, thank you Unilever Network. That produces good products Has a delicious taste, easy to eat than medicine. And powerful, thanks to Maqui Plus
Credit Ramphuengsrikhol (Lek)
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