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# Good news comes every day #IcareIshare #Maqui Plus with shingles up the brain # high pressure # personal experiences
On 20 Oct., 2018, Mother Sompid has a fever in his right cheek and is constantly burning his face with a handkerchief to pat it on. Dark skin The caretaker mother said that if it crossed the other side of the mother's face. I have not been able to eat rice at all. The fish is very stinking. The mother advised Sompid to eat more than 3 months of research, morning and evening, 2 glasses of water, accompanied by the care of the doctor. Maqui Plus 6 out of the bottle, the mother better from the dark skin, swollen face swollen skin on November 25,2018 mother said that feel very good. I have felt a lot of bleeding on my face. Just one line It is a good idea to eat a delicious rice, eat away the usual pressure to eat all kinds of food. But before you choose to eat because of fear of slang. White skin whitening. I lost my mother to tell me to bring a bottle of mango Plus 6 more. Today, thanks to Unilever's network produce good products. Delicious, easy to eat than medicine. And powerful. Thank you.
Credit : Rampung Srivijanr (Lek)
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