Skin (Khun Kampon )
Allergy,Excretory System/ Poo (Miss Jiarien)
Lung (Khun Chan)
Cancer (Khun Ting )
Allergy,Diabetes,Skin (Khun Ae)
Cancer (Father Sompis)
Acid reflux (Khun Thanat (Thanat Thonglert))
Tuberculosis (Khun Koy)
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  Health Case:
 Blood Pressure  Immune System
The very good news for my mother. Khun Or's daughter. Very low pressure. 70/40 The doctor said that it is very dangerous. The bodyguard is very low. May cause pain and unconsciousness She therefore gave to drink Maqui Plus in the morning 50 ml.
50 ml evening and 1 LifeSential pack per day before. Until the weight is reduced to 7 kilograms. Stress, insomnia, now very good, eat delicious food and sleep well Until feeling very good So go to measure the pressure. From low pressure 70/40 Increased to normal 113/81 The mother is relieved. Thank you Maqui Plus for keeping the blood clean, healthy liver.
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