Cancer (Khun Maysa Turee)
Allergy (Mr.Suttiraphat Samree)
Cancer (Khun Suree Chumpolwong)
Allergy (Khun Piyada Kongkaew)
Eye Problems,Fatigue,Sleep (Khun Chuchiph Siri )
Skin (Miss Model)
Diabetes (Khun Pirom)
Triglyceride (Khun Kampon)
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  Health Case:
 Blood Pressure
Deliver good health to acquaintances. mill owners. Khun Ooi drank Maqui Plus. Then the blood pressure dropped. Tell me to suggest people with health problems. Thought he helped him, so he suggested Grandpa, Grandma, also having pressure problems. Try talking to Akong for a bit. Kong doesn't eat easily. Talk and then find the evening. Agong is a father friend. Make a mill together. Cute. Good-natured kind. Confident that Maqui Plus, we are very good, can help him to be healthy, of course. . Helping people to be very healthy together. Beginning from the nephew, not yet 30, is high blood pressure. Taking high blood pressure medication all the time because of stress. Take care of over 200 coal transportation trucks. After drinking Maqui Plus for 1 month, get a son. Consume for 6 months continuously like Autoship Program. Blood pressure drop. No need to take pressure pills. Khun Ooi is 33 years old, doing the same transportation business, stressful, as well as pressure. Asked the grandson what the Blood pressure is now. grandson can't tell and drink Maqui Plus. uncle try drinking. Oh, so it has been arranged for 3 cases. Blood pressure has really decreased. So dare to recommend the most beloved person, Grandpa Grandma, who raised him to drink Maqui Plus. Because he wants you to be healthy. I'd like to tell everyone that our Maqui Plus is really good. Don't be scared of anyone We help him get good health. Who accepts good with him. If you do not accept, it is pity for him. Have mercy on him. Patiently wait that one day will have his time. Khun Ooi suggests for 6 months. Before coming to buy, see the results from people who are closer.
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