Menstruation (Khun Praao)
Allergy,Vertigo,Menstruation (Khun Jeab)
Blood problems (Master Hobper)
General Health Pains (Col. Pasin Aimrod)
Pregnancy,Sleep (Khun Punnada Nimmarnsakda)
Fatigue,Sleep (Khun Tai)
Rheumatoid (Khun Pimjai Jaingam)
Skin,Excretory System/ Poo (Khun Tung)
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  Health Case:
 Blood Pressure
Thanks for the supplement. And fish oil helps you husband better health from high blood pressure headache every day. Now the body is strong The pressure is normal. And no disease. The doctor said that the health of the 30-year-old is happy to see that people love to have good health. Supplements are needed when our body begins to deteriorate.
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