Diabetes (Khun Pirom)
Bone (Khun Pla)
General Health Pains,Sleep (Khun Oof Sirisak)
Cancer (Father Samarn )
Diabetes (Khun Katatep Kongsakda)
Blood Pressure,Diabetes (Khun Kanchana)
General Health Pains (Khun Ploy)
Chocolate cysts,Menstruation (Khun Arunvana Sanitkavatee (Pookie))
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  Health Case:
 Blood Pressure
More happiness than receiving with Maqui Plus. Thank you. A small glass that helps with it today. Must say that This blood donation It's my first time. Because the past is not not want to donate. But the blood pressure is low, the blood fades. The weight is not reached, the face is pale. I walked to ask for blood donation, but the nurse said that the face was too pale to donate. The blood pressure is low, the platelets are low. This time really very happy. Who have participated in this grant Thank you Maqui Plus.
Cr. Khun Waraporn Pala
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