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  Health Case:
 Blood Pressure  Cholesterol, High Fat
#The smile of the mother is always important.
Mother, 75 years old, is a pressure for almost 20 years. Used to go to an emergency hospital because of the high pressure of nearly 200 ,3 years ago, it was found that high fat was added, but when taking the medicine was enough Meet the doctor according to the appointment every 3 months. In March, 62 have known Maqui Plus. - Roxburghii From the advice of friends Therefore try to give the mother to drink 2 things each morning 1 shot - cold 1 shot Passed 1 week Mom said that he had eaten well. But didn't say how good When eating for a full month, he asked again if he had eaten The mother hurriedly said that she had eaten and said that since eating 2 bottles of this, the mother slept comfortably, not waking up in the middle of the night. And feel refreshed Very much, and in June 2019, went to the blood and found a doctor according to the appointment. The mother told me that the doctor watched that the fat was very good. The mother said that the doctor had never been seen before. Usually say good, take medicine Today, my mother said, don't forget to send it with 2 bottles. Now eat for 3 consecutive months. # Let Maqui take care of your loved ones. # kingofant antioxidants, #Roxburghii Plus #
# Of good things must be good
#High fat #Sleep comfortably
#Sleep all night #Good blood, good life
Cr. Mother + Khun Jui
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