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 Blood Pressure  Blood problems
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Grandmother Son Fakpheuxk, 82 years old, Nonthaburi Must find a blood test doctor every 3 months. Take 10 pills a day for 10 years. At the beginning of the year 2016, there was no seizure, no talk, no communication, no food. Must be treated at the hospital for 1 month. The daughter was very worried that my mother had taken a lot of medicine for a long time. Afraid of the liver and kidneys badly. January 2017 was recommended that Maqui Plus drink and take care of restoring the liver, kidneys, blood well. Decided to try to drink 100 ml per day in the morning - evening, only 6 bottles in a month and a half. Early March. Reach the blood test doctor. The results came out, all conditions improved to normal. Platelets are very good. From having to give medicine to help all the time. Doing the doctor was surprised. I was worried about ordering 3 pills. And I still appreciate the health. Good luck to find the real thing from the beginning of Maqui Plus.
Cr. Aunt Jim
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