Blood Pressure (Khun Pratoom)
Skin (Khun Piyada Kongkaew)
Pregnancy (Khun Koy)
Allergy,Sleep,Sinus (Khun Natthanan Chittaphongthanapat)
Pregnancy,Skin,Sleep (Khun Bow)
Acid reflux (Khun Boonchu)
Gout (Khun Wutichai Charoenputt)
Kidney (Khun jennt&Mepooh)
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  Health Case:
 Blood Pressure  Blood problems
 General Health Pains
Thank you, Thanapat Tug, for giving Maqui Plus health care all the time .... Khun Thanapat strengthens after Maqui Plus. And do autonomic continuation for 2 years ... blood pressure is normal, the body is very strong. After the drug and the doctor. Because of the hard work and stress is high ..... now the family is sure to add it
Cr. Khun Pan
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