Fatty liver (Khun Panus Kuansataporn)
Cancer (Pol. Capt. Neep)
Rheumatoid (Khun Jeab Piyaphan)
General Health Pains,Gout (Khun Niyom Manotham)
Allergy (Khun Sa)
Allergy,Skin (Khun Pern)
Cancer (Khun Khan Chatwilai)
Cancer (Khun Maysa Turee)
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  Health Case:
 Blood problems
Mother Aew, 58 years old, sugar and high blood fat There are frequent headaches, numbness. In the past, I liked to take a lot of painkillers and very often. I had to drink Maqui Plus 1 Duo. In 1 month. Mother Aew called and said that the symptoms of numbness, headache, disappeared and then drank and felt. That the body is light, very clear
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