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  Health Case:
 Blood problems
Khun Prachit is a blood clot disease. Have to take antithrombotic drugs all the time, treat at Siriraj Hospital since 2005.
And have side effects Causing the skin to become very dry, fragments, brittle bones. Importantly, do not have wounds. Because it will make the wound bruise more than normal people. If the bleeding does not stop.
Before bringing Maqui Plus to drink. The latest blood test is 1.7.
Which has resulted in the doctor may have to consider adjusting the drug stronger. If in the next month the value is not improved.
After bringing Maqui Plus to drink. Khun Prachit, drink 1 bottle. Due to the blood test again. It appeared that the blood test results improved to 2.3.
Khun Prachit is very impressed because, in addition to blood effects, the skin is also better, more radiant. Good excretion, refreshing, not fatigued. Thank you Maqui Plus.
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