Allergy (Master Taitan)
Pregnancy (Khun Kampon)
Cholesterol, High Fat,Triglyceride (Auntie Lid (Phrae))
Cancer (Pol. Capt. Neep)
Blood problems,Blood Pressure,Liver,Immune System,Cholesterol, High Fat,Thyroid (Khun Jarunee Sae-Tan)
Allergy,Menstruation,Excretory System/ Poo (Khun Ang)
Liver (Khun K)
Thyroid (Khun Pim)
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  Health Case:
 Blood problems
The treatment fee is 500,000 baht, not guaranteed to be lost 100%. From the anti-Maqui Plus come back to find information and try drinking 6 bottles per month in the morning 50 ml in the evening 50 ml. Think about it and eat more continuously for 3 months. . Blood values ​​return to normal. Very good health. Until not having to pay a very expensive treatment fee. When confidently recommend to children to eat To resist allergies. And various flu. Child health has improved significantly. I caught a cold and quickly recovered. Drink Maqui Plus only 75-100 ml. One day back to normal. Who is a cold, but our baby is not. Suggesting mothers to eat is healthier, stronger. Thank Maqui Plus. Thank you Khun Weaw, the story owner.
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