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  Health Case:
 Blood problems
(Name and face reserves) Socks for health The more you add, the more black marks 4 years ago, there will be black marks on the feet. Until about July 17, 2016, he had a black spot. And the wound began to break. Go to the doctor. And ultrasound tells the doctor about. The aneurysm is due to the ankle fit and the capillaries are broken. Because of standing for a long time. The doctor scraped the meat off. Because it is rotten inside. And painkillers to eat to see symptoms. And he could not stand to sit on the line instead.
About 1 month in advance, I recommend him to eat him on July 19, 2016 1 bottle of morning glory 1 minute to 1 week, the wound began to dry and did not expand, so the bottle on August 2 Bottle 2, fill the mouth. Until now, he can stand.
I'm glad to introduce a good thing with Mari Plus to my colleagues.
Cr. Yupin
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