Fever (Khun Cream)
Immune System (Khun Ta)
Vertigo,Menstruation,Migraine (Khun New)
General Health Pains (Professor Aumnuay Moungyai)
Allergy (Mr. Seven)
Chocolate cysts (Khun Jub)
General Health Pains (Khun Uthai Busamrong)
Eye Problems (Khun To )
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  Health Case:
 Blood problems  Brain
 Paralysis  Thrombosis
Another good news, as always. Khun Por is 59 years old and suffers from cerebral thrombosis. Doctors' medication to dissolve blood clots in his brain had no effect. Hence, he had to do surgery on the blood vessels in his brain. He cannot speak and has to be fed 'food' through a tube. Thankfully his brother recommended Maqui Plus+ to him. In just one month on Maqui Plus+, along with doctors' medication, Khun Por now begins speaking again, he can sit up on his own and eat like a normal person by mouth! Only good results from Maqui Plus+ Cheers to good health!!!
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