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Blood Pressure,Immune System (Khun Prathum Sriinsut)
Diabetes (Khun Jitlada Chaida)
Blood Pressure,Fatigue,Cholesterol, High Fat,Thyroid (Aunt Daeng)
Allergy (Miss Khwan)
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  Health Case:
 Blood problems  Sleep
I am dizzy. And dizziness every day The night will wake up very often. I can't sleep well. In the morning I don't wake up. Khun Ko Nay, the husband. Recommended to eat Maqui Plus. Morning 25 ml in the evening 25 ml. I eat for 1 week. I feel that the body is refreshed. The symptoms of dizziness subside. Therefore continuously eating Those symptoms disappeared. Friends also say that the face is better, the face is bright. The blood blemish that occurred since the time of gestation, the youngest son about 23 years. Which product is not improved. But eating Maqui Plus can instantly feel the blemish Fade until disappear. Thank you company unilevernetwork. With good products. Able to meet life And thank the husband for suggesting
Drink Maqui Plus
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