General Health Pains,Sleep (Chief Executive of the PAO Mr. Wanchai Teerachayakul)
Allergy (Khun Kan (Pong))
Myoma Uteri,Fatigue,Liver (Khun Gift)
General Health Pains (Miss Irene)
Blood problems (Master Hobper)
Diabetes (Khun Gig Nabdeuan)
General Health Pains,Lung (Khun Lek)
Allergy (Khun Nattaya Jullakeat (Kai))
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  Health Case:
 Blood problems  Sleep
The Elderly Nurse Hard work, less rest People choose to eat. One day, a blood donor appeared 18% of the annual physical examination, 42% lost their way to the hospital, unable to give blood because the body was resistant. Free radicals accumulate. Open your eyes to see me. Today Blood Concentration 3
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