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  Health Case:
 Blood sugar  Weight control
He likes to eat sweets, cakes, bread, chocolate, tea and coffee.
Because I think that we are small people. Let's eat. Not fat. But as the age increases.
less exercise Unconsciously gaining weight. Comforting myself. Eat less and it will go down by itself. After 3 years, I couldn't lose weight. When Unilever Life released the IG Good Berry product, I was very happy. Before eating, I went to check the accumulated sugar. very early 6.0 risk of diabetes because of hereditary So I decided to take 1 sachet in the morning and 1 sachet after meals, within 1 month to check the accumulated sugar again, reduced to 5.6 very happy, plus my weight from 53 kg reduced to 48 kg, but my body is not shabby. Thank you Unileverlife.
with good products that meet To have better health.
#Cut sweet, cut it for life Cr. Aree Khanavanichkit
58 years old

**Dietary supplements have no effect in preventing and treating disease. Every consumer gets different results.
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