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“I eat IGBerry because I expect a better sugar value. But the result was more effective, helping to reduce belly, lose a lot of weight. "
Khun Jirasak Chaipacharaphon has had some really excellent results from eating IGBerry.
“I don't know if igberry improves the liver value too. The last liver effect is better than every one. Last time January, AST 28, ALT 45, last 16 and 10 (I have been drinking Maqui Plus for 5 years, the liver has always been good. I have eaten more igberry. It turns out that it is still good. Very cool
Cumulative HbA1c sugar at the beginning of the year was 7.3.
Latest at 6.5
The doctor also reduced the diabetes drug, from having to eat 3 things to 2 things.
But what I got more than expected is
The weight went from 85 to 77.9 kg down to 7.1 kg, which has never been possible before.
My belly has collapsed. Several inches loose pants. If not expected this intensity Called out.
What kind of igberry is eaten and has this effect?
- I cut down on starchy foods.
- Change from white rice to brown rice And eat half less than before
- The side dish doesn't change anything to eat normally.
- Eat 2 meals a day at 10 o'clock and 3-4 o'clock in the afternoon.
- and eat igberry after meals and add 1 pack before bedtime.
Eat IGberry at the same time and change the eating habits for 3 months.
Performance depends on the individual.
The product is not involved in the treatment of disease.
Should take care of health by eating a complete diet of 5 groups, exercising and getting enough rest
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Dietary supplements do not have preventive and therapeutic effects. All consumers experience different results.
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