Diabetes (Khun Tee)
General Health Pains,Skin (Khun Gee)
Blood problems,Blood Pressure,Diabetes,Triglyceride (Grandmother Son Fakpheuxk)
Hepatitis (Khun Sureerat Srisang)
Intestine/Stomach,Sleep,Excretory System/ Poo,Acid reflux (Khun Gig)
General Health Pains,Skin (Khun Nid)
General Health Pains,Sleep (Mother Feuang)
General Health Pains,Thyroid,Hepatitis (Khun Tivarat)
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  Health Case:
 Bone  Brain
 Eye Problems
Mr.Ball riding a motorcycle, dodge the falling holes. The head hit the ground with swelling, sores, bruising, limb closure and splint. X-RAY doctor found that there was blood seepage in the brain. Must provide salt water To observe the symptoms. I am very worried. I think I have to do it. There was nothing to lose during that time. I therefore gave Mr.Ball 3 small bottles a day. In the morning, lunch and evening, 3 days passed. It appeared that the bruising was significantly reduced. Doctor examined Not found blood seepage in the brain. Mr.Ball himself was glad. I am glad that I cannot believe that miracles happen.
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