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  Health Case:
 Bone  Fatigue
My mother had knee pain, numbness, difficulty walking, fatigue and weakness. After I drank 50 ml of Maqui Plus per day, 1 tablet of Cal-Mag Plus per day for just 10 days. Mum said I didn't have knee pain and no numbness. Not easily tired. Father, knee pain, knee osteoarthritis Walking is not easy until the rubber can't be cut. And still have frequent dizziness. After father drank Maqui Plus in the morning 25 ml in the evening 25 ml. Cal-Mag Plus 1 tablet for just 5 days. Father has recovered knee pain. Able to sharpen the rubber The father said very wonderful. Thought that he had to rest long to cut his tires And since drinking Maqui Plus, I have never experienced dizziness anymore. Very glad that Unilever products help both of you to have better health. The parents' smile is the happiness of the children.
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