Cancer (Khun Ja Rinlaphat)
General Health Pains (Khun Paisarn Ketprasert)
Diabetes,Sleep (Father Sangvorn Jaiphong)
General Health Pains,Skin (Khun Gee)
Diabetes,Liver,Hepatitis (Khun Ya Nang)
Cancer (Khun Aew)
General Health Pains,Gout (Khun Niyom Manotham)
Cancer (Khun Ple)
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Khun Udom, Father of Khun Ton. We know that "Maqui Plus" is good for health. Therefore, I have to give 1 Duo a month to drink. (2 bottles). Today I have told you 12 pairs of children. So I asked Maqui Plus how it affects my health? Try listening to the answer. The 3rd disc herniation subsides on the nerves in the back. Used to almost have to cut, but didn't want to dissect. In the morning, there will be pain in the back Long days cannot walk long. No more than 3 steps, must find a seat Cold fall crawling into the bedroom Eat Endosens with Muscov. (When dad passed a drink, 5 Duo went on a business trip for 5 hours. Father said he could walk comfortably. Unlike before). Nowadays it is called forgetting that it hurts in the back. Easier to fall asleep deeper and more clearly. Father really likes it. Meaning drinking and feeling better From having to take medications to relieve stress on a regular basis. In order to sleep well, don't think a lot. Now, there is no need to take stress relief medication for another year. Forget the stress relieving medication, then just these 2 kids are really happy. Seeing a healthy father, we are happy. Take care of you on the day you still have to take care of.
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