Allergy,General Health Pains (Miss Pa Pang )
Myasthenia Gravis,Brain (Uncle Teiy Kongwatmai)
Fatigue,Sleep (Khun Sasivimon Bungthong)
Thrombosis (Khun Pukky)
Allergy (Master Kan)
Bone,Fatigue (Khun Ekawat)
influenza (Master Kaao Jao)
Migraine (Khun Siriroj Jindasaison)
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We know that our "father" is very good health. I have to drink 1 month Duo (2 bottles). Today, 12 pairs of children, then I asked Dad, how good is it? Let's hear the answer. Orthopedic Surgery I have to disagree but I do not want to break. I have a pain in the back. I do not have to walk long enough to not exceed 3 steps to find a seat. Cold fall crawl into the bedroom. Take Doezen with musk When I was 5 years old, I went to work with 5 people. I do not like it, but today it is called forget it, it hurts after sleep, easy to fall asleep. Drink up and be better mood. I used to take medicine regularly. I do not think so much sleep. Now I do not have to take medicine anymore. I'm sorry to say that this is just 2 people are happy to me. We have good health, we are happy. # Care for you on the day you have to take care.
Cr: Pancharee Ton
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