Kidney,Blood Pressure,Liver (Khun Boy)
Lung (Khun Sirirak Soyapa)
Allergy (Khun Ple)
Liver (Khun Varut Pinitpolnikorn)
General Health Pains,Liver,Liver cirrhosis,Hepatitis (Khun Theerachote Rujiviphat)
Bone,General Health Pains,Skin (Khun Su)
Diabetes (Khun Supornthip Charoentannop)
Cancer,Diabetes (Khun Tun)
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Thanks to Aunt Aoy. Try drinking Maqui Plus with Unilever's Omeg 3 Plus. Aunt Aoy has a stroke. Until becoming a hemiplegia since 2010 for 8 years. Taking medicine and many supplements But it's not better. Certify that Aunt Aoy definitely has to be improved.
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