Blood problems (Khun Sonjai Deekajang)
Allergy,Sinus (Khun Toi)
Kidney,Diabetes (Mother Moy)
Diabetes (Khun Napatsorn Buakhemthanart)
General Health Pains (Khun Prangthip)
Kidney,Blood Pressure (Khun Poo- Watinee)
Allergy,Blood Pressure (Khun Charunee Sisuwan)
General Health Pains (Khun Thanakorn Ngernphan)
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Congratulations to the Mother Family Kimlang too. Mother Kimlang is 84 years old. He is a constricted stroke. Have to sleep in bed for many years. He started drinking Maqui Plus in July 2017. His condition began to improve. As of December 2017, he was able to sit up. But a few days ago ... You can stand And let go of the walking aid. You are very happy and the children are the most happy.
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