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 Cancer  Diabetes
#Last liver cancer #Cancer obstruction
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I want to encourage patients. This case drank continuously. Discipline therefore see results. The result is satisfactory.
The name Mr. Saman Chompoo is at Suan Dok Mai, Nakhon Nayok. It started to have diabetes for about 2 years. Is a person who likes to drink beer, do not smoke
In May 2019. Khun Saman weighs 55 kilograms. Severe abdominal pain, fatigue, unable to eat. Weight reduced to 40 kilograms. The excretory system swollen abdomen. Sent to hospital for treatment. Somdej Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Medical Center Siam Boromkumari Canal 16, Nakhon Nayok. Found a tumor in the large intestine obstruction. The doctor had surgery to remove the tumor.  And found liver cancer at the end stage. The patient then collapsed, telling Miss Kob that he might not survive. Miss Kob responded with encouragement to survive and disappear. Miss Kob brought 1 bottle of Maqui Plus antioxidant pack, 1 box of Lifsential, 1 bottle of Roxburghii,
Visit the hospital. Drink Maqui Plus for the first 3 days in a row. Mr. Saman told the whole body at the hospital to leave the pores with a small rash. Miss Kob then asked the patient if. Did Mr. Saman believe that Miss Kob was driven out? Is the toxin that Maqui Plsu washed away. If Mr. Saman stopped drinking before 2 days, the rash would collapse. Want chemo to drink continuously. June 2019, began chemotherapy No. 1, received 4 times chemo, weight up to 45 kilograms. Can not eat hot food in the body, normal diabetes.
Drink Maqui Plus 25 ml each morning in the middle of the evening. Eat 1 pack of Lifesential before bed. Drink Roxburghii before going to bed 25 ml.
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