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  Health Case:
 Cancer  Fatty liver
 Liver  Lung
I have breast cancer since August 2012 and treated at Siriraj Hospital since then. In February 2015, doctors detected my new disease as fatty liver. They told me to mind my diet and exercise for three months. If that does not help, they will put me on drugs for fatty liver disease. Since that day, I began to drink Maqui Plus+ every breakfast. I also eat Lifesential vitamins pack and collagen matrix supplement. In one month, I drank up 2 bottles. The results showed old spots on my lung are gone. The next two-month review showed that my cancer cells no longer exists. By the third month turns out that the fatty liver disappeared. Doctor said I took good care of myself. Today we Autoship Maqui Plus+ 4 cases each month for our whole family. We also ordered Collagen Matrix and Lifesential vitamins.
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