Diabetes (Khun Kampon)
Cancer (Khun Ying)
Allergy,Immune System,Menstruation (Khun Kae)
Diabetes (Khun Sue)
Blood problems,Diabetes,Acid reflux (Khun Tieb)
Pregnancy (Khun Si)
Cancer (Khun Nattaya)
Allergy,Migraine (Khun Poo )
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Aunt Add was found to have cancer in the final stages. Is flooding the lungs, liver, kidneys all over. The doctor said no more than 3 months. So I try to drink Maqui Plus first month first. 2nd month to eat with Roxburghii Plus in the morning. 50 ml. In the evening 50 ml. Drink only 2 months from the bed. Especially in the second month, better to see immediately. Can get up and sit and walk like in the picture. Today you go to the doctor to check again. The doctor told me about the liver, normal kidney values, normal liver and kidney values. It's back. The flood of lungs has disappeared. Cancer from 100% reduced to 30%. Only 1 in 100 people survived. Continue to take care of themselves, not to die within 3 months and 6 months. The doctor asked what to drink. Said that the fruit juice Maqui Plus. The doctor said to continue to drink Drink better. Aunt Add is very happy. I say that the miracle is true. Thank you Maquai Plus.
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