Sleep (Khun Top)
Cancer (Khun Rat Boondamnuernpanich)
Allergy,Migraine,Thyroid,Hepatitis ( Khun Saowenee Kongpreecha)
Asthma,Blood Pressure,Diabetes (Khun Chalermkiat Sikhiwat)
Hepatitis (Khun A)
Diabetes,Fatty liver,Liver (Uncle Nuat)
Fatigue,Liver (Khun Tuk)
General Health Pains,Sleep (Chief Executive of the PAO Mr. Wanchai Teerachayakul)
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Today, congratulate Khun Ae who has cervical cancer. From the decision to drink Maqui Plus and LifeSential in conjunction with treatment with the doctor. Final results Can not detect cancer Very happy with Khun Ae's new life.
Cr. Khun Aoy
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