Diabetes,Skin (Khun Tamakorn Sutana)
Blood problems (Khun Klao)
Allergy,Skin (Master Jayjay)
Eye Problems,Fatigue,Sleep (Khun Chuchiph Siri )
Allergy (Master Andriew)
Allergy (Khun Kanya (Or Professor Tukta))
Diabetes (Khun Jitlada Chaida)
Fatty liver,Liver (Khun Ornaree Chaiprasert)
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Congratulations to Khun Ann. Khun Ann's case. Khun Ann has breast cancer. Phase 2. Try drinking Maqui Plus from her niece. After drinking Maqui Plus from 2/2017. And continuing to eat until now Do chemo treatment Shine the light every time The platelets result through throughout. And after chemotherapy Fast recovery Treatment is possible with good, bright skin, strong, not weak.
Thanks to Maqui Plus for helping Khun Ann get better health.
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