Diabetes (Father Nivet)
Tuberculosis (Khun Koy)
Pregnancy (Khun Passanee Bosaothea)
General Health Pains (Khun Pueng)
Cancer,Thyroid (Khun Noi)
General Health Pains (Khun Tim)
Allergy,Immune System ( Khun Srinual Sammasap)
Cancer (Khun Kampon)
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Being a friend for a long time, come together and be happy. Neighbor Jack So close to like a close relative. Today, apply for the Auto Ship program. Because 1 month ago Jee (SisterJack) was detected as Heart muscle cancer How much distance did the doctor tell me? Knew that the next day had to do chemotherapy. The result shows that after chemotherapy Jee doesn't have energy. Cannot eat foul food and will vomit all the time. All the pain not asleep Can not excrete. Because losing chemo after Khak heard the news It is recommended to drink Maqui Plus for only 4 days. Eat more rice, eat out all the dishes, and get hungry often. After 10 days, Jee drink 2 bottles of Maqui Plus. Due to do chemo for the 2nd time Blood values, cancer values ​​are greatly improved. So the doctor said that chemotherapy is still not needed. Wait 7 more days to check again. And then adjust the treatment again.
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