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Good news !!!
Name Jongjai Budrach Age 41 years Sakon Nakhon Province.
Congratulations to Jong and his family. Request to share. Further information after exposure to radiation and chemotherapy. Drink Maqui Plus in combination with LifeSential.
"I had stage 2 cervical cancer. Because it spread to the kidneys. Received chemo shining. Chemotherapy 6. Shine 28 times. Mineral side 3 times. Simultaneously every day.
 And get to know Unilever products. Maqui Plus and LifeSential. Considered drinking for 4 months. After complete treatment. The doctor said that if the cancer persists. Will have to shine the chemotherapy again But the chemotherapy doctor said that the light had to be dissected. Chemotherapy cannot shine anymore. The doctor ordered to go home. And make an appointment to cut the meat for inspection If not all of the infection has passed.
 The doctor sent me a piece of meat in December 2018. Appointment of the result on 8 January 2019. The doctor said that the result did not show any cancer. "
Cr. Miss jong
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